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it’s WHATEVER. The name really says it all.  We are everything and nothing all in one breath.  If you don't find exactly what your looking for I figure you have two options.

ONE : Tell us what you want.  We can custom make many of our products.

TWO : Shop around to some of our favorite shops.  Although no other store is quite like us we appreciate others creativity.. You can come visit us later we might just have what you're looking for then.

We are a group of obviously extraordinary artist who love to make things you just can’t resist. So whether your shopping for yourself (this is always a good idea) or shopping for a friend, mom-to-be, family, co-worker or the stranger you met yesterday at the gas station we have the perfect oddity for ever occasion.

We are always looking for creative souls to join our family if you would like to see your uniqueness for sale on our site send me an email with your contact information and a few .jpegs of your work!